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Homosexuality and Sexual Abuse
On the Terry & Jesse show on June 8th, 2018, we mentioned this article taken from the Catholic ┬áHere is info: The conventional wisdom maintains there is a pedophilia crisis in the Catholic Popular as this position is, it is empirically wrong: the data shows it has been a homosexual crisis all …
June 12, 2018
Virgin Most Powerful is 24/7 ~ Well kind of…
Praise Be Jesus Christ! ~ Hello friends, by now you may have noticed that Virgin Most Powerful has 24/7 content playing… and it’s However, this is not our full program line It is only going to get We are still building our full programs behind the scenes but we decided to get …
June 8, 2018
June is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Listen to the 12 promises of Jesus in one What blessed month of June it will Let us fall even more in love with the sweet Heart of The Promises of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to Margaret Mary (1) “I will give them all the graces necessary in their state …
June 1, 2018

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